The Great Conspiracy

February 03, 2018
Unlike most conspiracies about great apes walking around North America or dragons living in the lochs in Scotland, this conspiracy is plain for the most novice of detectives to see. No need for Sherlock Holmes here. So, what is it? Well settle down and let’s start at the beginning “I was born in the 30’s and I remember the expectation that things were going to get better existed!….that doesn’t exist now” Noam Chomsky     homer and the scream

Turn on the TV, radio, the internet, and you will be bombarded by adverts for something or other, look around you, no doubt there is probably a computer, TV, books, games, food, drink, things all around you. So what you might say, we buy stuff, yes we do but let’s explore that a bit more. The great conspiracy that we are living now started over two and a half thousand years ago, on the shores of Greece. Aristotle said “The truth is that man’s ambition and their desire to make money are among the most frequently causes of deliberate acts of injustice”

Aristotle was disparaging of democracy, but most of us feel it is by far the best form of governance but, as James Madison subsequently pointed out 2000 years later, it has one huge flaw. “We must in all earnest protect the minority of the opulent against the majority” James Madison 1787
Madison, ….one of the founding fathers of America took the opposite view of Aristotle two thousand years before. Aristotle had seen the problem with democracy in his city Athens, if people were allowed to govern themselves then the first thing they did was to look to the rich and wealthy and want to distribute that wealth among themselves. The Athenians and Aristotle saw this problem and set about fixing it with the belief that with a welfare system, a safety net to stop anyone from falling into abject poverty, the majority were compensated, even though they had to work hard, as they would be treated the equally and fairly by the few who managed to climb the ladder above them.

European powers had their Kings and Emperors but over time these countries slowly moved to small democracies, but a democracy of the opulent. The United States was the same, its founding Fathers set out to curtail the powers of the people so that the opulent could maintain their position of leadership, to keep their hand on the tiller, as the landowners and men of wealth. This was fine until three major events in World history. First the British Civil War where the King was executed. However, this was not a problem in maintaining the conspiracy as the opulent still maintained leadership of the country, it was the landowners that overthrew the King. The first real attack that threatened the conspiracy is the French Revolution which was of the masses, fortunately for the conspiracy though certain men managed to maintain power so control remained where it belonged, and then we have the Russian Revolution, they went straight from autocratic rule to communism, another flawed system.

These three events shocked the opulent minority, and rocked them a little, but it wasn’t until the masses, following their participation in the Second World War, that the majority really flexed their muscles and decided they wanted more, they wanted a ‘land fit for heroes’ and the opulent few had to make concessions to bring about greater democracy and satisfy some of their demands. Yet a conspiracy that has lasted over two thousand years will not give up overnight so the leaders, realising that people wanting more would give them less, and they sought to protect themselves by looking to new ways to control. They had to exert their power! The merchants and bankers took action, as the masters of mankind. As soon as they saw that, in a post-world war two democracy, anyone, of any class, background, could theoretically become a politician and possibly rise up to lead a nation, and so the masters of mankind set about their divisive plot and used wealth to control political and leadership positions.

If you have stuck with me thus far, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m talking about individuals who knowingly set about this scheme. The interesting thing is the great conspiracy is not a conspiracy of the few knowingly, secretly controlling, it is a conspiracy of history, a conspiracy of human nature, of human behaviour.
After the Second World War, the Masters of mankind set about making a pathway to bring many more of the landed, wealthy to become politicians, taking up political office is fraught with financial obstacles.

In the United States the majority of Presidents have either gone to Yale or Harvard and the majority of them have studied law, now to do that it costs $80,000 a year so you can imagine how a four/five year course will put the person studying into anywhere between $320,000 and half $1 million worth of debt. Add to that if you want to sit in the highest chair of land it costs anywhere from five to seventeen billion to win the Presidency. Now those are major roadblocks put in especially to make it difficult for people from outside the wealthy classes to get to the highest offices, unless the wealthy classes select them, back them, fund them. So they retain control.

The United Kingdom is the same. Out of fifty prime ministers only nine in our history of gone to State schools, all the rest come from only three schools; Harrow, Westminster, or Eton where the average school fees rack up to £455,000 over a child’s schooling. So you have to be born into a rich family to go to the schools that are most likely to lead you to Oxford or Cambridge where almost all of the Prime Minister’s have attended, similar to America’s presidential feeder colleges, Yale and Harvard – you start to see how vastly expensive it is to step down the political lane to the top post, and how dependent it is on your birth – to whom. In the UK, 50% of the ruling party’s sitting M.P’s went to private school.
So half of the conspiracy is power, power stems from politicians but to be a politician you have to be wealthy so the other half of that circle is wealth. To maintain the position of the Masters of Mankind you need wealth and they make certain things too expensive so that the masses can’t legally get there.

How the Masters of Mankind control wealth; 24.7 trillion in mutual funds sits around in bank accounts and stocks. 7 trillion is directly invested yearly into new companies, the rest into index funds, basically management funds of funds of funds! 95% of these funds allocation are decided by index companies. And so the system basically decides where markets are heading and by working out the risk and dangers, or apparent dangers, they control which companies are in or out – it’s all speculation done by a small group that dominates the world market. Every indexer has a ‘fudge factor’ that allows them to say one company is more economically significant for the index than another.

There are only four companies on earth that own 95% of indexing firms. These companies are known as quiet companies. They hide in the shadows and these four companies decide and run 95% of the index firms, who decide what the top 500, 1000, or top 2000 companies are, which in turn decides how much stock or money these companies will get from investors. Hedge fund companies can either make or break company’s so there we have it, a group of less than two hundred people decide what these four companies will do, and in turn decide what the market does, ‘they are the butterflies that cause the hurricane!’ (Forbes) and so decides how easy it is for you to buy house, finance a car. These four are McGraw-Hill, Northwestern mutual, CME Group, Barclays

McGraw-Hill is a family owned business with six generations running it, this family still owns the largest stock. Northwestern mutual is, as it says, a mutual company meaning private company where the members share equally. We have no idea how many members or what they earn. The CME group; the classic name only company that is a combination of other companies to help it with taxbreaks. And of course Barclays, existed since 1690 and has been one of the main pillars of the Masters of Mankind for close to five hundred years.
Let me give you an example – 170 billion is sold on the stock exchange in United States a day now if one of the bosses of these four companies tells one of its index firms to drop a company then they already know that this company’s stock price is going to drop and can have friends and investors back out, and the same if the instruction is to invest, meaning it’s like a piggy bank for them. So there is your wealth equals power, and power equals wealth and that is in the hands of a very, very, very small amount of people.
Finally, let me expose the modern conspiracy in its fullness to you. It means that you and I are just pawns in this massive game, even if you are born to wealthy parents and go to the right schools and the right universities and end up in the right seat then it will be not of your own making, merely a path due to your position from birth – in your role to preserve the position of the opulent minority. You will not understand the problems that affect the majority of the population. And if you think you do and begin to work against the status quo than the laws of the Masters of Mankind will trigger and work against you. In addition the newest part of the circle is the lobbying or party funding leverage. Organisations funded by big companies, that are in turn funded by the big four companies I have mentioned, ensure situations that benefit them, to create more profit for them, and work against the will of normal people. Wealth funds lobbying that leads back to politicians and even if you’re the most honest, decent and just politician you will only be a tiny voice, unable to be heard above the power of those with the funding. And so the system, across the world, is corrupt – democracy is a myth.

I’ll use ALEC as an example you may have heard of this lobbing company America you may not of but I will give a few examples The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is corporate funded and lobbied Congress and Senate for stricter voter identification, which you might think is a good thing, to stop fraudulent voting but in fact the ALEC plan, on behalf of the masters of mankind, is to make it harder for certain groups of people to vote e.g. disabled and the elderly. This is a lobbying company that lobbied and succeeded in tightening immigration laws to stop immigrants voting and ALEC also lobbied the Senate to give corporations freedom of speech rights. The 14th amendment is there to provide citizens equal rights and protection of the law but ALEC funded politicians have twisted this meaning to include corporations to have the same rights and protections as humans.
So there you have it, the great conspiracy is not conspiracy of people or a single group, it is a conspiracy through the ages that has changed and manipulated with time to deny the majority, to keep the masses in their place, and to preserve and protect the opulent few!
Over the centuries the world has participated in the profit over people march as the Masters of Mankind pull the strings. I started this article with asking you to look around at the goods you have, the TV you watch, if you connect that to the following – “Neoliberal democracy produces consumers, instead of citizens, Instead of communities, it produces shopping malls. The net results is an atomized society of disengaged individuals, who feel demoralized and socially powerless.” (Noam Chomsky) And so the masters of mankind continue to grow and prosper at our expense. “All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” (Adam Smith) so this is nothing new, it is just clearer to us now as we look at the world in 2017 – our digital, visual world – the opulent few begin to come into sharp focus!

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