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Great Products from Roberts Ink – our most popular seller (and we are getting them in pink too, soon!)happyCharger_010

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£15.95 plus postage

Supplied by Roberts Ink – it stays cool as it charges 4 USB devices at once.
Use for phones, tablets, e-readers – charge all four on one single plug socket!
LED indicator lights for each port
Perfect for home and travel and GREAT to keep all your devices charged up.

Pink+one         Mayhem TECH 2200 Powerbank

Pink -Black –  Silver  £9.99 +postage

We are proud of our sister company Printers Unlimited by Roberts Ink – printing isn’t eco-friendly but they are championing a Zero Waste policy – offering to collect customers empty toner and ink cartridges for complete recycling via the zero-waste programme – see how that is done here Zero Waste video link

Schools and businesses – check out the great free loan printer deal you get with Printers Unlimited – you need never buy, rent or lease a printer again!

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